You never thought you’d be here.

The words “family law” were never meant to go together, and you never intended the most personal, emotional, important part of your life—your family—to be at the mercy of the legal system.

And yet here you are.

The complexities of the legal system are daunting, and you can’t afford not to take them seriously. Your children, your financial security, and a large part of your future depend on it. You need someone who understands you and understands the legal system. But you also need someone who can bring some peace to the brokenness of your situation.  

We promote peace.

Sure, there’s nothing less peaceful than a divorce or family law conflict. That's why the more we can reduce conflicts and resolve disputes, the better off you, your spouse, and especially your children, will be.

We will stand up for justice.

Coming to peaceful resolutions does not mean giving in on everything, and it doesn’t mean permitting a cycle of oppression or abuse to continue. We know the law. We know your rights. We will equip you to understand your rights as well, and we will enable you to make decisions that are financially beneficial and in the best interests of your children. We are well-equipped to help you seek justice throughout this process, whether in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.